Barons Court Theatre – June 2008
Zoo Southside, Edinburgh Festival – August 2008

Created as part of an investigation into the human brain and psyche, looking at how our memories govern our actions and opinions, and the malleability of these memories.


The performance invited audience members to help a group of Professors as they travelled through a world of brains and memory manipulation to rescue a missing colleague.

Every performance was different as the audience chose which of the actors played various characters as the story progressed, making this a quest akin to a choose-your-own-adventure book.

The Bulging Seahorse spent 4 weeks at Barons Court Theatre in London before being transfered to Zoo Southside as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival.



Root Experience ensures that theatre is no longer just a spectator sport, but makes it interactive, educational and fun...creative, inclusive and well worth seeing at least once!
— Fringe Review
Its innovation cannot be faulted...if you’re seeking a play that will intrigue, entice and excite, this may well be for you!
— Broadway Baby


Simon Magnus

Devisers / Performers


Kate McGregor

Adele Bates
Chiara D'Anna
Laura Gubbins
Rachael Maya