London Tour – April & May 2007
The show played games with the audience's perceptions of the Grimm Brothers' Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and asked whether the actions of the evil Queen are really the horrific and inexcusable.


This energetic interactive performance took the audience on a journey through magical and personal histories, and through a series of conversations and debates it revealed the reflections and inner monologues that we all build up of ourselves.

The performance toured around various London venues, including, Theatre 503, the Albany and RampART.



The company deserves recognition for a refreshing theatrical approach. Mirrorgame is a bold and experimental concept that makes a serious attempt to unite spectator, performer and artistic form.
— Fringe Report


Devisers / Performers

Director – Simon Magnus
Composer – Chris Andrews
Assistant Director – Samantha Wraith
Musician – Andrew Lambert
Production Assistant – Evelyn Downing

Adele Bates
Shelley Halstead
Laura Gubbins
Mitzi Jones