Hastings Streets - Summer '14
In August 2014 Root Experience created an interactive gaming performance on the streets of Hastings with a group of young people from the drop in centre Xtrax.


Performed as part of Stade Saturdays on the 30th August, The Shout Project introduced a local audience to the stories of this remarkable group – their struggles and aspirations. 

We spent four wonderful weeks with this group working out what they wanted to tell the town; speaking about their stories, their dreams and aspirations.

Xtrax helps many vulnerable young people with a variety of needs, The Shout Project discovered that these young people didn't feel like they had a voice in Hastings and that they were constantly battling discrimination alongside their own personal struggles.

The young people worked alongside a group of professional actors to create a street gaming performances that would highlight what it is like to step into their shoes for an hour.