Creative in-class training that sticks, giving both teachers and their pupils the confidence to raise KS2 literacy levels through the roof.  


Exciting Writing is an international programme of professional training we’ve developed for key-stage 2 (KS2) teachers. The aim is to equip them with the skills to engage their classes imaginatively, so pupils become more fluent in their written and spoken literacy work.



Our programme is adaptable to any curriculum in any school – whether in east London or on the east coast of Africa – and it really works. Why? Because we show teachers how to put their learning into practice through a series of one-to-one consultancies, tailored workshops and in-class sessions.

Teachers we’ve worked with tell us they now have the confidence to drop drama into their lessons to great effect, resulting in more autonomy for themselves and their pupils. Plus they have ongoing support via our Teachers’ resource portal, with access to plenty of games and exercises to keep things fresh. 

Can we help you transform learning at your school?



Children are more engaged with tasks, their vocabulary is wider and they are more imaginative than before.
— Westfield School, East Sussex
Takes the pressure off those who find writing difficult… (Exciting Writing) has improved their self esteem.
— Creative Education Foundation, Tanzania
I feel more confident using my classroom as a drama space and dropping it into my planning.
— Heathmere School, London