A collaborative, community focused project that aims to bring to light an everyday struggle that affects so many of us.  


The Hidden Project is about understanding how it feels to navigate the world with an invisible disability.

It’s an interactive community-based project by the people, for the people. And it’s centred on understanding the experiences of those of us living with invisible illnesses, such as autism, ME, and depression.

Through creative workshops, we’ve invited individuals affected to explore how life is for one another. Their responses will provide us with a window to their ‘hidden' worlds – through which to invite discussion, empathy and acceptance.



We’ll be presenting the outcome in a Hubbub – at The Founders Room at The Brighton Dome on 8 and 9 July 2017. Central to the Hubbub will be a space for free conversation so audiences can interact as they gain a deeper understanding of the work. 



We’re currently working closely with individuals and groups affected by invisible illnesses to develop the project with us. Participants will be using art, theatre, music and other creative processes to express, project and present their unique experiences without shame.

Our sessions for individuals are full. But we still have places for teams of between five and ten people supporting individuals with hidden disabilities. Contact us if you’re interested.


Supported By

Arts Council England
Big Lottery Fund
Bird Studios

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